Entry form download here! 

1. Entry is open to anyone aged over 18 years.
2. Entry is open to all male and female competitors who love to pole/perform in dancing shoes/heels.

3. Entry is open to both local and international competitors.
4. Entry is open to Amateur, Semi-pro and Professional level competitors.

5. Entry to one or more categories is allowed provided that fee and video per category is submitted separately.


Amateur: If you have never joined a pole competition before and not a pole instructor this is the division for you. If you have joined as an amateur in a competition and never won a title, this division is for you.

*Pole instructors or teachers new to their profession feel that they should compete in the amateur division, please email sultrydance@gmail.com and we will definitely review.

Semi-Pro: If you have joined as an amateur and won a title, entered as semi-pro in any local or international pole competition but never won a title or currently teaching pole, this is the division for you.

Professional: If you have won a title as a semi-pro or professional for pole whether local or international or competed in a professional level before, then you must enter the professional division.



Entry to the Competition:

Submit application form and pay entry fee.


      Php 2,500 for local applicants

      USD 50 for international applicants


  • Via Paypal: sultrydance@gmail.com
  • Bank Transfer/Deposit: (details can be requested via email)
  • Personal payment at the home studio

Applicants are selected based on the video submitted using the same criteria for judging on the final battle.


Applicants are expected to wear heels while performing both on their video entry and final battle performance.

Applicants must be able to perform on both static and spinning pole with floor works.

Judges decision is final.


Applicants are expected to wear heels while performing on the floor. 


Applicants are expected to wear heels while performing using a chair. Floor works allowed.

Video Entry Submission Rules:

  1. Video submission and entry form will be open on October 15, 2017.
  2. Videos MUST be on You tube or Vimeo. No downloadable files allowed. Video links should be submitted through sultrydance@gmail.com with the subject: VIDEO ENTRY-CATEGORY (EXOTIC POLE/PURE FLOOR DANCE/ EXOTIC CHAIR DANCE)
  3. Videos must be between 2 – 4 minutes in length (any longer will not be watched).
  4. Videos must not be edited in any way and must be filmed in one single take (i.e. no splicing together of different clips)
  5. Videos must be of good quality with sufficient lighting.
  6. Only one video will be viewed per entry per category. Applicants cannot submit multiple videos
  7. The video must show only the applicant performing. Human props are allowed to be in the video if they are being used as human props and not also performing.
  8. Video entry for Exotic Pole should show use of both static and spinny pole.
  9. Video entry for Pure Floor Dance should not use pole or any other equipment.
  10. Video entry for Exotic Chair Dance should only use chair and floor for the whole performance.
  11. Deadline for submission is on November 30, 2017, 11:30 pm.
  12. Announcement of participants for the FINAL BATTLE will be published in our website, facebook/instagram page and communicated through email on December 5, 2017.